Ledgermayne (NPC)

Seventh Hero of Balance
This form is not ready for you yet. Speak with Kitsune - my fellow Hero could use the assistance.

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After completing the 'The Water Orb' quest:

Seventh Hero of Balance
This form is feeling positive with you in its presence, Eternal Dragon. Iadoa has charged us with defeating the Queen's headhunter, Chamat. Chamat is responsible for the capture and killing of this form's Mana-kin. His crimes will not go unpunished and the Fire Orb will be claimed.

The Fire Orb?
The Fire Orb has been housed in this tower for many years. Our Mana-kin have been responsible for guarding the Orb. Chamat has destroyed our land, killed our people, and now, defiled our most sacred site. This form cares not for the power Chamat's Queen has. She will not protect him from our wrath.

- Ledgermayne's Quests

After completing the 'The Final Barrier' quest:

Seventh Hero of Balance
Chamat must not have breached the Fire Orb's containment field. We must use the lifeforce you have collected to enter the tower and stop him before he does. This form will enjoy getting revenge for our fellow Mana-kin. Let us go.

- Ledgermayne's Quests

After completing the 'The Fire Orb' quest:

Seventh Hero of Balance
This form is pleased. Chamat was a plague in the Arcangrove. You, Eternal Dragon, have cured us of him. With the Fire Orb, this form can ensure that justice is carried out. Justice against Chamat, and the Queen. Go forth, and help our fellow Heroes acquire the remaining Orbs. Our Mana Golem will enjoy the feast of Chamat's Mana.

After completing the 'The Ice Orb' quest:

Seventh Hero of Balance
This form can feel the Mana hum off the Elemental Orbs. It's almost like they are in tune with our mission. As if they want the Queen defeated as much as we do. We have faith that this is a good sign and we will be victorious!

Location: Orb Hunt

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