Ledgermayne Defeated / Drakath Interferes


«Scene: Ledgermayne»

Hero: Things are a little different on this plane. I can fight you.

Ledgermayne: You can fight us, yes… but you cannot defeat us.
Ledgermayne: At least, not without the completed Supreme Arcane Staff.

Hero: You should have made sure there were no shards left from the Chaos Focus Gem, Ledgermayne!
Hero: Prepare to meet your maker!

Ledgermayne: We have no maker.
Ledgermayne: We are pure magic, and magic is eternal.
Ledgermayne: This form has wasted enough time on you, lesser being.
Ledgermayne: Goodbye.

Hero: Drakath?!

Drakath: Stand still, hero.

Ledgermayne: NOOOOoooooo

Hero: Ooooooooookay. What just happened there?

Drakath: I focused my own chaos energy through the staff, replacing the shattered gem.
Drakath: Ledgermayne was converted back into raw mana from which he was made.

Hero: You really couldn't stand that someone was stronger than you, could you?

Drakath: If ledgermayne were truly strong than me would I still be standing here?
Drakath: Ledgermayne simply needed to learn a lesson: Nobody disobeys me.
Drakath: Thanks, hero.

Hero: Thanks? I don't… Oh.
Hero: If you had tried to put the staff together, Ledgermayne would have seen through you and stopped you early on.
Hero: It only let me get as far as I did because it saw me as no real threat.
Hero: That's a little depressing, actually.
Hero: Heh… Thought I had the element of surprise there.

Drakath: We are done for now, but you still have roles to play in my plans.

Hero: I'll never help you Drakath!

Drakath: You already have. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Rayst: I don't believe it. Drakath helped you defeat Ledgermayne!

Hero: Don't remind me.

Rayst: The para-elemental plane will stay connected to Lore.
Rayst: I can already feel the flow of magical energies beginning to equalize.
Rayst: Arcangrove… all magic, really… is safe once again. There is no way to thank you for that.

Hero: There's one way. I don't know what Drakath's plans are but I know they are not very good.
Hero: I might one day call on you and other Magi of Arcangrove to help me stop those plans.

Rayst: Hero, just say the word and we will be by your side.

Hero: Good. A storm is brewing.
Hero: I have a feeling that I'm going to need all the help that I can get.

«Screen fades out, text fades in»

The End

«Screen fade»

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