Leaving So Soon?



«Scene: Aermhar stands in the forest»

Aermhar: Leaving so soon?

«Scene: Aermhar blocks the path of the Hero's group»

Aermhar: And with my favorite new toy!

Samba: She's NOT yours!

Beleen: She's our friend! And we're taking her home!

Aermhar: Is that so?
Aermhar: It doesn't look to me like she wants to leave.
Aermhar: It looks to me like you're taking her against her will.

«Scene: Close up of Aermhar»

Aermhar: Against MY will.

«Scene: Back to the larger group shot»

Sora to Hoshi: You've brainwashed her! Made her forget who she is!
Sora to Hoshi: …who her friends are.

Aermhar: I've given her a new home here. A new life.
Aermhar: She is important here. Beautiful. Cherished.

Sora to Hoshi: You can't just take someone and change everyfing about who they are.

Aermhar: I can do whatever I want. Your human rules don't apply here.

Hero: We're not leaving without her.

«Scene: Close up of Aermhar»

Aermhar: Then you're not leaving.

«Scene fades»

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