Learning From AdventureQuest/AQ Lesson


«Scene: Iadoa and the Hero are seen in Screen 6 of the Span, being attacked by a Shadowscythe»

«Scene fades»

Hero: So… constructs not behaving? Or that was supposed to be a chance for hands-on learning?

Iadoa: No. My creations are not - my control, my hold on myself is beginning to… slip.
Iadoa: We should not delay the next lesson. It is time you understand what makes you who you are. How to be better than what you are.

«Scene: After a Training Globe (1) passes by, Iadoa activates the portal to AQ Lesson and they both enter it»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: As Iadoa and the Hero enter the portal, they receive a greeting from a fairy»

Iadoa: * mutter * Venomous, tickle-brained giglets. Nuisances, all of them, cluttering up the timestreams.

«Scene: The Hero is trying to reach a floating clock in the distance»

Iadoa: Don't TOUCH that; do you WANT to start a new ice age?
Iadoa: Now. To the matter at hand. Your Destiny, and how to achieve it.

Hero: Riiiiight. I'd almost forgotten. Silly me. Do tell, Prof, what's the plan? Save the world a few times, then lunch? …No?

«Scene: Iadoa shows the Hero a clock with Uldor in the middle»

Iadoa: The syllabus is as follows: I give a lesson based on events your otherselves have survived.
Iadoa: You will experience a simulation of some of their most historic battles.
Iadoa: If you are lucky, you will earn what it is they fought so fiercely to realize.
Iadoa: Should you survive, YOU may ask MY CONSTRUCTS 3 questions. They will answer truthfully

Hero: Does… he look familiar to you? I could swear I know that face. …Must've seen that blindfold before.
Hero: Hunh. Guess I'll be able to ask him soon enough, right?

Iadoa: Enter the Portal, Hero, and listen closely. Once the lesson begins, find the golem who will guide you… and PAY ATTENTION.

As the world falls to pieces around you, understand that all is never what it seems. No matter how strange your allies, Unity, Balance, Order must be your watchwords. Divided, your world shall fall. Your foe's strength is unimportant. Keep Hope alive and victory IS possible.

«Scene ends»

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