Troll Spellsmith Trainer
Hello there, young one. Have you taken an interest in becoming a Troll Spellsmith? If you’d like, I can explain to you what it means.

What is a Troll Spellsmith?
Trolls are a master of Magic and Logic and have mastered these arts to help them in battle. For Trolls, Magic is not just a weapon to be used but a tool to be used in Daily Life and a Spellsmith has a spell for every situation.

How to get?
Troll Spellsmith can be obtained at /bloodtusk with Rank 10 Troll OR The Class Shop for Adventure Coins.

- Bloodtusk
- Class Shop

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Wizard
Troll Spellsmiths are designed for hitting multiple targets at once. Their Weakness Sigil can be stacked to improve their defenses and empower the damage of their other skills. Their two main damaging skills, Energy Arc and Frostflame also have secondary effects that severely reduce the Haste of your opponent.

Location: Class Hall B


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