The ChickenLord
Chickens get NO respect. They give us food, feathers, and company in fowl weather. We are marching across Lore to show our TRUE strength, and by the time we're done, the WHOLE world will know: The Day of the Chickening is upon us… Fear the flock!

Why are you here?
What, you got feathers between your ears? I told you - chickens get NO respect. That needs to change! Me and my chickens, we're on a quest to discover what or HOW to get that respect. And if it takes a WAR to do that… then that's what we'll do!

War Tutorial
Guide to War in Lore
10 Million Chicken Invasion of Battleon

Battle alongside your fellow heroes to defeat your enemies, save the town, and unlock rewards:

Battle enemies: Fight the chicken monsters in Battleon to get war medals.

War Tokens: Turn in 10 regular medals by clicking the Turn In button next to the war meter. Turn in 5 mega medals by clicking the Mega Turn In button.

War Meter: Each time you and other heroes turn in medals, the war meter rises.

Goals: Get the meter to 100% to unlock the war boss and discover how Lart and the chickens will reach their goal.

You and the rest of the heroes in Lore will all be fighting together to reach a common goal: victory! With every additional hero who battles in the war, you'll reach the 100% mark that much faster… and that means you'll unlock the rewards and storyline ending sooner, too!

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Thanks to Exreal and Tristyn.

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