Laken's Quests

Jump to: Future Legion, Future War - Dage.


Quest Location: Future Legion
Quests Begun From: Laken (NPC)

This land has seen a lot of carnage, and I'm not sure what is left of the city it used to be. Before we do anything else, we have to explore the area. Let me know what you find, and then we'll consider our next move. (Quest completeable once per login session)

Items Required:

  • Bunker Door Located x1
    • Click blue arrow on Screen 2
  • Ruins Located x1
    • Click blue arrow on Screen 5
  • Teleporter Examined x1
    • Click blue arrow on Screen 9
  • Future Legion Souls x15


  • 800 Gold
  • 800 Exp

Thanks to StrafeAE.

Quest Location: Future War - Dage
Quests Begun From:

Requirements: Must have completed the 'Take out the Legionator' quest to access these quests.

For every soul I take, I become stronger, and the Future Legion becomes weaker. As you fight these Future Legion minions, collect their souls. Bring them to me. I must be at maximum strength if we are to emerge from this battle victorious.

Items Required:


  • 200 Gold
  • 200 Exp

Thanks to Tris.

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