Lake Bonfire's Quest

Quest Location: Hydra Lake
Quests Begun From: Lake Bonfire
Requirements: Must have completed Renn and Zio's Quests.
Note: This quest can only be completed once.

The Hydra has risen! It's heads just grow back so you can't defeat it, but maybe you can recapture it! Some runestones have appeared around the lake. You will need 9 Hydra Fangs to shatter the runes, and toss the remains in the bonfire we have set up to destroy them forever! I hope this works….

Items Required:

  • Rune Shard Alepha x1
  • Rune Shard Betalin x1
  • Rune Shard Gamilo x1
    • Hydra Lake - Use 3 teeth on each rune stone to gain it's shard


  • 0 Gold
  • 0 Exp

Thanks to Hina and Tsu Kun.

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