Laidronette's Quests


Quest Location: Necro Carnival
Quests Begun From: Laidronette
Requirements: Must have completed the 'All Fall Down' quest.


  • This quest can only be completed once.
  • This quest can only be accepted from the top right of Screen 11.

"War has finally found us. We won't let any greedy King turn you into their weapon. For all that you have done for us - sleep now, great Deva, and one day may you rise in peace." Will you help us grant their wish? It would be the perfect finish to a wondrous Mogloween spell.

Items Required:

  • The Deva Pacified x1


  • 9,000 Gold
  • 15,000 Exp

Requirements: Must have completed the 'Lullaby' quest.

Because he's a necromancer, do you think these are costumes or actual uniforms? Either way, you probably want that smell cleaned out right? Give us some treats and we'll give them a wash in the water he was using to make cherry lemonade.

Items Required:


  • 1,000 Gold
  • 2,500 Exp

You may also choose one of:

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