Lady Speedstyk

Mistress of the Keep
As the chatelaine of Lightguard Keep, I must keep a brave face if I want order to be kept. I cannot give in to doubt and fear, or my people will begin to worry for their safety. But, oh my! With all of our Paladins missing, I confess that my courages falters. I will be brave but please, hero, find our warriors!

Where should I go?

We need your help, Hero! Go talk to Arryd, who is standing guard outside the Keep on the way to DoomWood Forest.

- DoomWood Rep
- Lady Speedstyk's Quests
- Classic Paladin (Shop)
- Paladin (Shop)

Location: Lightguard Keep
Note: The NPC's name is a parody of the deodorant company Lady Speed Stick.

Thanks to Na Tra and Tendou no Mazo.

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