Lady Solani

First Fang of the Cor Mortis
Greetings, Hero! I have heard so much about you from my aunt, Queen Safiria (may her spirit ever rile the shadows)! I have come to claim her throne, by virtue of my right as a member of the Royal bloodline.
Though you faced my champion, Ensis, in battle MANY times, he stands here still, defiant. And thus you have proven by the rule of the Blood Run that *I* am the rightful ruler of Darkovia!

The Heroes of Lore believe that I am the best vampire to rule… and I am grateful to them for that! But that means we must begin… the Bloodrun! This is a trial by combat, where a 3rd party battles the champion from both sides to prove which is the stronger… and who is in the right!

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Note: Also see Solani.


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