Lady Solani

First Fang of the Cor Mortis
Greetings, Hero! I have heard so much about you from my aunt, Queen Safiria (may her spirit ever rule the shadows)! I have come to claim her throne, by virtue of my right as a member of the Royal Bloodline.
My general, Ensis, first Blade of the Cor Mortis, has vowed to fight for my honor, but if I hope to rule, then I cannot expect others to fight my wars for me!

Cor Mortis?
You see these other three contenders - nay, pretenders! - to the Vampire throne? None has the wit and skill to keep 10 million vampires in line. Thought many perished with my aunt, more arrive each day to stalk the darkness in Darkovia.
It is our fate, our DESTINY, to rule all of Darkovia. And someday, if Nyx grants it, we shall control MORE than just one land… we shall be THE supreme race in all of Lore! If you believe in my right to rule, fight in my name! Return here soon, and I shall tell you more of my people and their history.

When the Ancient Gods still walked Lore, the legends say, war raged even fiercer than it does now. The very elements struggled for control. And in that chaos, one a new race rose. Vampires. Over the millennia, we grew stronger, and our scattered peoples formed families, and clans.
The Cor Mortis is one such, an ancient Clan, formed from the shadows cast by our earliest ancestors. We are the rulers, the shapers of tradition and definers of history.

Those who battle alongside us, rise. Those who oppose us, learn to serve. And someday, should their strength and courage prove them worthy, they join… US.
From my earliest memories, once I was reborn, I learned the ways of my Clan: How to recognize power. How to rule. When to choose mercy, and when to demand obedience. How to let our people choose for themselves while still remaining ONE people following the TRUE path.

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