Lady Nialla Granville

Lady in Waiting and Hair Dresser
Welcome to the salon! My name is Nialla Granville, and I'll be your hairdresser today. Please, take your time browsing the styles we have available in our catalog. Maybe you'd like a practical cut, but I do recommend the styles popular with the nobility. The upper crust shouldn't be the only people allowed to look and feel gorgeous! Let's bring out your best!

Though I am a Noble, my childhood dream was to become an artist and I became enamored with how our attendants would style hair so beautifully. My family was against it, turning up their nose at a 'commoner's profession.' Then, I became a lady in waiting to Princess Brittany. She encouraged me to follow my dreams, gave me her blessing, and protected me from the other nobles. I'm so grateful!

I'm a bit of a gossip but you'd never catch me sharing any of the Princess' secrets. But some other rumors would be helpful for an adventurer. As of late, the Lionfang family has fallen out of favor with the royal family. They're now held in the same regard as the nobles that supported the previous King during the Rebellion. Vaughn, Cavendish, Reignolds, Noelle, Mitford, and Taylor are some of them.

King Alteon made life for the people so much better when he was crowned. That being said, he's struggling to do everything he wants because of the noble court. Noblewomen like me are still pressured into marriage, taxes are absurdly high in some regions, and education is mainly restricted to nobility. If he forces too many things to change, many nobles will pull their support for the crown.

- Nialla's Hair Shop

Location: Swordhaven
Note: Also see Nialla.


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