Lady Laidronette Cavendish

Young Noble
Welcome to Swordhaven, Capital of Greenguard. Though the walls have fallen to tragedy after tragedy, its people have weathered every storm. Recently, the Nobles have gathered to discuss preparations for future calamities. My father, Lord Cavendish, being one of them. The nobles can be…ruffled easily. If you have the time, I could acquaint you with the Lords and Ladies, and get you noble attire to blend in.

Many of the Noble houses of Greenguard are older than the current royal house. The previous dynasty ruled for centuries, and their cruelest warriors were of noble blood. Until King Alteon ascended to the throne, knighthood, along with other noble professions, were barred from the peasantry. These sweeping changes are a relief to me. We feel like a country instead of an open-field prison.

King Alteon is the first of his name and house to sit on the Throne of Greenguard. He led a rebellion against the previous tyrant King, and succeeded. Some noble houses allied with King Alteon from the start. Others stayed loyal to King Dethrix to the end. Though some were extinguished during the rebellion, others knelt and swore loyalty to the Alteons when the fighting was over, and he gave them mercy.

My mother's previous husband was a general of the defeated Tyrant King. I believe it was Sir Valen who forced him to retreat to mother's castle. By then, mother had already given shelter to all the commoners that lived nearby, and locked the gates. Her archers fired at Dethrix's loyalists while Sir Valen slew the greedy former Lord Cavendish. Mother became free to support the Alteons and her people.

- Lady Laidronette Cavendish's Quests

Location: Swordhaven Castle (Location)
Note: Also see Noble Mage Armor.


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