Lady Laidronette Cavendish

Young Noble
Seeing someone who isn't a member of the Noble court at this summit is a relief. Most of Balemorale's guests won't have their subjects' best interests in mind when they have their walk with the Queen. Having a renowned Hero present is going to bring at least some semblance of honest rationality. If you're interested in the type of Nobles that you'll be brushing shoulders with, let me know. I'll be happy to help.

My family lives on the border of Darkovia, but I feel much more at home there than I do here.

The Noble court used to be split into factions. One wanted Lord Brentan to be King, and others supported Princess Brittany. Queen Victoria's supporters came out victorious, but our efforts to make Greenguard better for the common folk have faced frequent opposition. Combined, the supporters of Prince Brentan -and formerly Princess Tara- outnumber us. They would rather hole up in luxurious castles, or solve problems with war.

Certain families have been ostracized by the Noble court for various reasons. My mother married a commoner, which is still frowned upon even though King Alteon fought to make it legitimate. Lady Marigold and Lord Vaughn's fathers were loyal to King Dethrix I, so the other Nobles treat them poorly to endear themselves to the Queen. At least Lord Vaughn is strong enough to make them afraid of him.

There are a number of families that thrive in times of war. They're veterans of Greenguard's eras of conquest, or are descendants of legendary warriors. They believe in striking first, and commanding respect by conquering others. Lord Granville is the most vocal, and will try to convince Queen Victoria that we can return to our golden age if we plan a war against the Empire or other nations.

- Lady Laidronette Cavendish's Quests


Note: Also see Noble Mage Armor.

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