Lady Elodie Clere

Swordhaven Diplomat
Hail, fellow traveler! I can tell that you've crossed your share of horizons. I am Elodie Clere, an Official Ambassador of Greenguard. To improve relations between our fair land and the lands beyond our borders, I travel and meet with the leaders of other Nations. Sometimes even other worlds, like Terra - what you would call Earth. Would you like to see some of the souvenirs I've brought back with me?

Greenguard needs its ruler to lead the people through our current parade of crises. It's been one disaster after another, which means they can't leave Swordhaven to meet the leaders of other nations. I travel in their stead to discuss trade, partnerships, and mediation. Suffice to say, I'm pretty busy. However, Greenguard doesn't receive many diplomats… that's understandable.

My most recent travels have been to the Sandsea and the Yokai Isles. Not too long ago, it would have been impossible for a diplomat to get past their borders. Now, they're eager to strengthen trade and visit Swordhaven! This is a huge step forward. In the past, it would have been incredibly dangerous for their rulers and ours to travel outside. It's all thanks to the new royal family tirelessly working towards forging peace.

Greenguard's relations with other nations is…messy. The Alteon family's rule, in comparison to the centuries of the previous dynasty's rule, is rather short. Many of the rulers from the fallen dynasty were warlords, and created a dark reputation for Greenguard. While relations have been improving, most countries are wary of travelers from Greenguard, fearing that we're scouting them for colonization.

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Location: Swordhaven Castle (Location)
Note: Also see Swordhaven Emissary.


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