Lady Azjurai


Hello, Hero! You might have seen me in-game, answering questions and making AQWorlds a safer place to play, but today I'm not going to talk about gold, game rules, or getting gear. I'm here… for LOVE! My fiance and I are finally getting married, and WE want to share our wedding presents with YOU!

The Ruby Eternal Flame symbolizes our undying love, and also how lucky we are to have found each other! The Evil Toaster of Love, well, that's a funny story you can find in Cysero's Design Notes. And the Raccoon helm? … I don't think that needs any explaining at all. I mean' come on, raccoons are just too cute NOT to love! Just like my fiance!

Love is…
Love is a many splendor'd thing, and isn't it perfect timing that THIS week we're releasing our Valentine's Day event? I couldn't have timed our wedding better! We love each other, you love AQWorlds, and who doesn't love… love?! Thank you for sharing the happiest day of my life, Hero! We are both so glad you're here!

- Lady Azjurai Wedding

Location: Battleon


Thanks to 1c3 r3b0rn.

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