Lab Cutscene 1


«Scene: Hero runs up to the lab's door. It opens.»

Hero: Looks like I'm expected. I shouldn't be surprised; who knows what Vordred's told them. Or… what he's done to them?
Hero: Those scientists are in more danger than they realize, no matter what forces they are controlling!

«Hero runs into the open door.»
«Scene fades.»
«Scene: Vordred and King Beat in the lab.»

King Beat: Generator initiation sequence starting. Full power in T-minus three thousand six hundred seconds.


King Beat: Request denied. Necessary power levels are not accessible.
King Beat: Haste is incompatible with experimentation.
King Beat: Subject will be enriched at optimal stage of output.

«Scene: Hero runs into a run of scientists.»

Hero: Hey, guys! Is somebody doing SCIENCE! in here?

Joe: We would be, if we didn't keep getting interrupted.

John: My latest creation was JUST rising from the slab when IT raged in here!

Joe: And we shouldn't talk in here. King Beat's calibrating. And that… thing… will hear us.

«Scene fades.»
«Scene: The scientists stand facing the Hero.»

John: Are you the skull-covered freak who commandeered our experiment?
John: He looks like something WE'D make…

Sam: But our subjects don't threaten up with total planar relocation — as if that was even possible! - if we don't conform to THEIR demands!

Hero: So… you guys are being forced to help Vordred?

Joe: No one can force SCIENCE! to do anything, but the Scientists…

Hero: I'm here to help. I don't know much about transducicators or conflabrixation or whatever…
Hero: But I can battle anything you can throw at me. And I'm pretty good at rescuing people, too!


Hero: Music and energy, hmmm?

Joe: If the fusion works, the force we could create is limitless!

John: But we don't want HIM to steal all the credit. Or the power!

Hero: I have an idea. But first… Got another guitar anywhere? I'm going to need to join the band.

Sam: He trashed all the spares we kept in the lab. But you might find something in the backup-room.

Hero: I'm on it! You stall the experiment for as long as possible and I'll what I can do!

«Scene fades.»

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