La (NPC)

The Aurora Returns
The Capital needs you, so run. Don't worry, getting Ti on my knee won't take long. I'll be right behind you. Heh, I miss saying that.

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After completing the 'Desperado' quest:

The Most Loyal of Traitors
The Moon has risen. That makes it the nineteenth time Drago has resorted to cowardice. You came here searching for the truth. I promise that once The Moon is dispelled, so will the illusions.

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After completing the 'Isolani' quest:

The Most Loyal of Traitors
There you are, Dragon. I wonder how that spoiled egg of a King is treating you? Hope chaperoning him isn't going to be that exhausting of a chore. I definitely would know but that's neither here nor there. What's important right now is keeping him from continuing the Coronation of the Celestial.

So… you have some questions for me?

The Ritual
To Drago, the ritual simply summons terrifying beasts to win his wars. But he's just a well-dressed monkey with a brain to match. On this leg of the journey, you fought the Moon, hmm? What comes next will scatter the illusions, your strength will make it so.

Oof, Ti was really mad at me. We've fought before but he always pulled his punches when it comes to friends and students. Goes to show how loyal he is to our liege. Make no mistake, I am the most loyal of Darkon's Scale. Everything I do is for his sake, even if I must pay for it.

Dog Tags?
It's funny, Astravia is one of the few Kingdoms to have their soldiers wear dog tags. They're engraved with our names and meant to help us keep our identities should our faces be taken. Unlike our rites and rituals, these tags weren't gifts from the Stars. They say a warrior from ‘before the beginning of time' came to rest in Astravia. If you would help the rest of my fellow soldiers rest, there'll be something nice in it for you.

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