Kyron's Anguish


«Scene: Abel, Galanoth, and Hero»

Hero: Galanoth! We're here!

Abel: Trying to run ahead and steal all the fun, huh?

Galanoth: Be careful! This one is strong!

Hero: Kyron?! Is that you?!

Kyron: Where… Where were you?
Kyron: When Rimescar marched on the Embersea, you hid away.
Kyron: I thought you were our ally!

Hero: I was… I am!
Hero: I know Malgor is making you say those things, but I'll--

Kyron: Malgor isn't making me do anything.
Kyron: He is making me stronger.
Kyron: He takes all the pain, my suffering into himself, and then reshapes it into the weapon I use to destroy my enemies.
Kyron: That I will use to destroy you!

Hero: I know you don't meant it!
Hero: We'll save you!

«Scene fades»

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