I’ve been keeping an eye on the telescope for the longest time. Since no one’s been using it, I’ll take it as a sign to set up shop here. I am Kylokos, Astromancer and a Professor on a sabbatical. But without students around, I’ll have to gather study materials myself…unless you’re willing to lend a hand? I’m on paid leave so I have more than enough funds to reward you for your help.

I’m refining and updating the current known knowledge of twelve constellations that adorn the sky of Lore. Each has their own legend, which may differ depending on where you are. For example, most of the constellations’ origin stories come from outside of Greenguard. You would even find differences between stories told by Trolls and tales told by Horcs. I’ll tell you about them while we work.

Mana is the lifeblood of Lore, but even though the heavens are distant, Astromancy finds a way to link the two. Our planet is drifting in space after all! Technically, we’re all seafarers in the sea of stars. Poetry aside, Astromancy uses spells with ties to the stars, including the zodiac constellations. I’ve found that it’s easier to draw power from the zodiac you’re born under.

The heavens are endless and wondrous! We will never truly know everything about what lies beyond Lore’s horizon. Though there is a very important tenant of Astromancy that I keep in mind while I study. We are encouraged to gaze at the stars, but we are to take great care to make sure the stars do not gaze at us. I’m sure there are many lovely discoveries to be made but, the opposite is also true.

- Kylokos' Quests

Location: Arcangrove


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