Guardian Trainer
Welcome and Well Met brave Adventurer! I am Kyle, a Guardian of Battleon. I’ve been stationed here to find us hopeful new recruits. Are you able to carry the legacy of a Guardian?

What is a Guardian?
One of the most common types of guards you’ll see in Battleon is the Guardian. These warriors hail from a battleon that is slightly different from ours but will protect it all the same.

How to get?
To become one of the Guardians, your account must be verified with an AQ Classic Guardian Account. Then, make your way to the guardian /tower and speak with Wyrm.

- Tower

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Fighter, Lucky
Guardians are extremely powerful warriors that use all their abilities to focus heavy damage onto a single target. They expend mana to increase their combat abilities, expend health to recover mana, and all the meanwhile generate Guardian Spirit to greatly boost the damage of their summoned Guardian Dragon.

Location: Class Hall C


Thanks to GuardMice.

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