Kyger (Cutscene)


«Scene: Stellaria, Kyger and the Hero in a cell in the Tech Dungeon»

Kyger: Stellaria!

Stellaria: Kyger! I’m so glad you’re safe…

«Kyger runs into Stellaria's arms»

Kyger: I’m sorry I got myself captured. I tried to be strong like you are…

Stellaria: And you will be, baby brother!

Hero: Wait… did you say BROTHER?

«Stellaria stops hugging Kyger»

Stellaria: Yes <Hero>, meet Kai Krieger, by baby brother…

Kyger: Everyone just calls me Kyger though. Thank you for saving me <Hero>!

Hero: Hmm… Artix said I’d need to find someone else who could wield the Blinding Light of Destiny.
Hero: No problem kid. But I gotta know. Who is the mothe….

Stellaria: GUYS!
Stellaria: Deadtech alert! Those guards just scanned us… and they do NOT look happy!

Kyger: Do the…. undead…. ever look happy?

Hero: Yeah! Of course. Skulls sorta have perma-smiles built in…

Stellaria: Guys! We gotta go--NOW!

«Scene fades»

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