Ninja Trainer & Martial Arts Gear Vendor
Greetings. I am Kunoichi, Akiba's Master Ninja Trainer. In my spare time I am also a master tailor, but I do not waste my talents on silly costumes like Nekomimi does. I specialize in making practical combat-wear for the serious martial artist. What can I do for you?

Ninjas are masters of the shadows, defeating their our enemies before they become aware of our presence. We are the single most feared warrior on the face of Lore… unless you ask one of those Lolosia pirates. Ninja and pirates are deadly enemies. You'd better think twice before you set foot on Yokai Isle if you're wearing an eyepatch!

- Ninja Shop
- Kunoichi's Daily Quest



  • Inscription on the shoulder translates to "M".
  • Inscription on the leg and on the arm translates to "MVP".
  • Kunoichi (くノ一) means "Female Ninja" in Japanese.
  • Also see Mazumi (NPC).

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