Well met, Hero! I have heard the buzz around town about you. Trolls are avid communicators, whether through their art, music, or just a good old gossip session over a cup of Oishii's Spiced Glug. I'd love to sit and hear tales of your adven- adven- oooooh…. I- I'm sorry, it's another… visio…. …

… ayada fallagu… gnarish assimo… fella- fellioooooh – Oh! blink Excuse me, Hero. I have been told that I mumble unintelligently while coming back after a vision. My apologies if I disturbed you! I share my visions freely, for the good of the town. I'd be happy to share my latest one with you, or some of the ones I've had in the past. Can't share the ones I haven't had yet, though! Haha!
It… it is dark. But I imagine you often hear that from prophets, hey? The uneasy peace between the Horcs and the Trolls… we are two people, but only one land. I see… a figure – no! Two figures. I cannot tell what race they are. But they are involved in the trials that will swiftly demolish the quiet life we have been living. I fear for my people, Hero, but you most of all! I – I must confer with my sister on this…

The town square is my favorite place to rest. I hear and see all who pass through here! Where others pass on rumors, I pass on visions! Sometimes I get a brief sight of the futures of the Trolls who pause at the fountain. Last week I beheld Bachius, but his tunic was drenched in ghostly blood. I blinked, and it was gone…

I saw Sokrakiis ringed in gold and crimson light, and the air seemed to shimmer around him. I felt so energized after seeing that! He is a good leader of our people. I trust him well. I know that he will always watch out for us. … Unless a good jug of Kremmelberry tea makes him so groggy he falls asleep before his speech again, hey?…

And you… I – I don't like what I see around you, Hero. A shattered crown, but I can't tell whose. Violet blood sliding off the edge of a blade into a deep abyss. Wails of men and women echo, and your eyes are a empty pits holding a million flames. I… I will think on this. If you are a threat to our people, I will need to talk to Sokrakiis. But… I think perhaps this vision is more a warning of outside trouble to come…

Location: Bloodtusk Ravine
Note: Replaced by Fallen Censor after completing the 'Choose: Khasaanda Confrontation?' quest.

Thanks to OmfgRly, Peachii and Pierox666.

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