Drakel Warlord Trainer
YOU! YES, YOU! Tiny human, I sense great power within you. Train under me, learn to hone it and you can demolish any obstacle in your way with raw strength.

What is a Drakel Warlord?
Drakel Warlords are the kings of the arena using fierce, brute strength and combat prowess while fending off bevies of physical attacks.

How to get?
To become a Drakel Warlord, you can either purchase it inside the Member Class Shop for Gold OR the Class Shop for Adventure Coins.

- Member Class Shop
- Class Shop

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Fighter, Lucky.
A sword in the hands of a Drakel is a far deadlier one in a humans. Their strength empowers even their most basic attacks while allowing them to heal and deal more critical strikes. Once they Enter the Arena, they are even able to shrug off even the strongest of attacks.

Location: Class Hall C


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