Kolyaban (Cutscene)


«Scene: Kolyaban»

Kolyaban: Ungrateful brat! This is how you repay me for all I've done?

«Scene: Aria»

Aria: All you've done?
Aria: You've mutilated my body…
Aria: …distorted my mind…

«Scene zooms out»

Aria: Made me forget who I am!

Kolyaban: I showed you who you are!
Kolyaban: You would still be tending your pet shop if not for me!

Aria: And I'd be helping animals, instead of destroying them!
Aria: I would never have chosen to use my power this way!

Kolyaban: There are other Champions out there.
Kolyaban: I will find another. One who appreciates what I'm offering.

«Aria attacks Kolyaban»

Aria: I won't give you the chance!

«Eremon throws himself in front of Kolyaban and takes the hit»

Madra: Eremon! No!

«Madra kneels on the ground next to Eremon»

Madra: Eremon… why?

Eremon: Because I still have faith… I always will.
Eremon: My sacrifice is worth it, if it means Kolyaban is spared.

Madra: She won't be!
Madra: Your blood is on her hands, and when I kill her, your death will be one of many I avenge!

«Hero taps Madra on the shoulder»

Hero: Uhh, Madra?

«Madra looks up»

«Kolyaban is nowhere to be found»

Hero: She's gone.

«Scene zooms out. The Hero looks around.»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Kolyaban hiding in a twisted forest»

Kolyaban: Mother… I am sorry.
Kolyaban: I'm sorry, mother. I tried, they-
Kolyaban: Yes. I have failed you.
Kolyaban: I will return to the tower.
Kolyaban: So you can break me.
Kolyaban: And then rebuild me.
Kolyaban: And make me better.

«Scene fades»

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