Exalted Soul Cleaver Trainer
Hello, adventurer. Don’t be so startled, I knew you would make your way here eventually. I know you desire true power, the power to crush the very soul of your opponent. I can grant you this power. It will come at a small….cost though….

What is a Exalted Soul Cleaver?
The Exalted Soul Cleavers are a deadly force to be reckoned with inside the Undead Legion. The Soul Cleaver fights best when on the brink of death as they can channel their magical ability to shred their opponents into nothing…starting with their soul.

How to get?
To become an Exalted Soul Cleaver, you must travel to the /underworld and merge 2000 Legion tokens with Dage the Evil.

- Underworld

How to use?
Recommended enhancements: Hybrid
Exalted Soul Cleavers are a single target based damage class. Their Blood Price skill sacrifices a portion of their HP to increase their damage output, which can then be followed up with their Soul Rend skill to deal more damage the less HP they have.

Location: Class Hall B


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