Klunk (NPC)

Archfiend's General
You. *lipcurl* You fight for Nulgath, yeh? Good. You go, battle weakling Legion members. We CRUSH the weak pretenders like pretty little flowers under Klunk's dirty fist. I fight good, maybe you fight good, too, yeh? We show Nulgath that we strong, worthy of honor! We gonna force the puny Legion to BOW down!

- Klunk (House Shop) raresmall.png
- Klunk's Quests
- Nulgath AC RARES raresmall.png
- Nulgath Diamond Shop
- Nulgath War Merge Shop
- Nulgath War Reward raresmall.png
- To War! (At Evil War (Location))
- To Evil War Hub (At Evil War Nulgath)




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