Fashion Wyvern
Oh, hello, Sweetheart! Aren't you gorgeous? Have you done any modeling?
Would you like to?
I'm sorry, where are my manners? Welcome to Studio Kl'Ing! We specialize in avant-grande fashion for Dragonkin of all varieties! I don't normally get any human customers, but some of the Dravir styles would fit you nicely. Yes, they're a bit pricy, but for you? I think we can work something out.

Yes, I am concerned about the sickness that's been killing so many of our kind. But you can't enjoy life if you spend it worrying. What can I do, anyway? Have a mug of raspberry smoothie and sew a pretty dress while I wait for it all to pass, that's what.

- Kl'Ing's Quest
- Smothers's Capes

Location: Dragonhame


Thanks to Apus.

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