Kittarian Relic

Location: Lowell Cat - Noobshire
Note: Must have completed Lowell Cat's Quests to access this shop.

Name Price
Sword_Table.png Blade Ov 1000 Kittehs membersmall.png 50,000 Gold
Armor_Table.png Kitteh Warriorz membersmall.png 75,000 Gold
Armor_Table.png Leopard Armorz membersmall.png 100,000 Gold
Helmet_table.png Hood Ov Teh Kittehs membersmall.png 25,000 Gold
Helmet_table.png Mask Ov Teh Kittehs membersmall.png 9,000 Gold
Cloak_Table.png Cloak On Teh Prowel membersmall.png 15,000 Gold
Pet_Table.png NaN Cat membersmall.png 2,000,000 Gold

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