Kitsune Revealed / Kitsune Meditates


«Screen shows hero defeating Kappa Ninjas»
«Screen zooms out and shows masked Kitsune watching the Hero's progress in the Yokai War»

Kitsune: It appears that the hero did not heed my warning.

(Voice from the darkness) 1: Master, Drakath has warned us! We are doomed!

Kitsune: Do not worry. What you see before you is a blunt instrument. They have achieved victory through brute force…
Kitsune: …but you cannot cut through an ever-changing river with an axe.
Kitsune: This hero will have no idea how to deal with illusion, trickery and lies.
Kitsune: By the time they have discovered the truth, the chaos beast will awakened and the humans will be nothing more than fairytale monsters that we will tell our young about.

(Voice from the darkness) 1: Hehehehehe!

(Voice from the darkness) 2: Yes! The humans will never ignore us again!

Kitsune: Come, my Yokai brothers and sisters… We have a guest to prepare for!

«Multiple sets of red eyes start to glow in the background»

«Scene fades»

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