«Scene: Darkon, Aurola, Regulus, and Titania»

Darkon: I did the best I could. Even with the Fool's power, it wasn't enough.

Aurola: While I was on the ground…no, while I was dying…
Aurola: I don't deserve to be alive! Suki should be here but she's gone! I couldn't stop them from taking her.
Aurola: These monsters! The entire time, I was protecting monsters when I should have been fighting them!
Aurola: I saw those citizens! Th-they were desecrating our bodies…tore Titania and Regulus to pieces…

Regulus: Ha…hahahaha! Who's Regulus? Don't think we've met!
Regulus: I'd shake their hand if I had an extra one to share.

Aurola: Regulus? What's gotten into you?

Titania: …Da…r…

Darkon: Don't force yourself to speak.
Darkon: Titania is missing organs and I didn't put Regulus back together fast enough.
Darkon: Regulus, do you remember us?

Regulus: Don't remember a darn thing. Means I got a lotta free time to fill!
Regulus: 'Sides, my head feels like someone split it down the middle, and sewed it up with floss.
Regulus: Sounds like a fun DIY craft. Might try it out when I get the chance.

Titania: Re…gu…lus…

Darkon: Because she was in pieces for too long, her mind shattered. It might never heal.
Darkon: All I can do is fill the gaps in Titania and Regulus' bodies with debris.

«Aurola turns towards Darkon»

Aurola: Your voice. When did it get so cold?

Darkon: I don't have the right to mourn. Not when you all were almost killed because of me.
Darkon: The only reason death couldn't claim you is because of the Primordial Fool's power.
Darkon: My power.
Darkon: But if it were to wane, your fates would catch back up to you.


Darkon: We're bound to the Fool's realm now. The flow of time fluctuates unpredictably here.
Darkon: Soon, we will be unable to leave on our own.
Darkon: Before that happens, we need to recover Song.

Aurola: The shapeshifter we met in Eridani? Song's been sending me letters ever since she started studying medicine.
Aurola: With Drago on the throne, she'll be in danger! We have to find her!

Darkon: Song's ability to disguise herself will allow her to evade my brother's gaze.
Darkon: If anything, we're the ones in dire need of her knowledge and skills.

Aurola: W-why…

Darkon: We can use the fluctuation of time to our advantage. None of us can travel to the past ourselves.
Darkon: But, if I can create copies of Titania and Regulus' missing body parts using debris…What if…

«Scene fades»

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