King Vs Derp Beast


«Scene: Derp Beast hitting Derp Hero in the neck with a axe.>

Graveclaw the Defiler was unlike anything I'd ever seen before.
We fought decades ago, but I still remember his screams of defiance as I dodged the blows.
I nearly died in that battle.

Alteon: Victoria, put that down. That forest is no place for a princess, and you have much to do here.

Victoria: But I-

«Screen zooms in on Alteon.»

Alteon: GO. Time is short, and the Hero must know this if they are to save us!!

«Victoria runs out.»

Alteon: The Defiler HAD to be imprisoned for the safety of the villagers in the area.

Hero: With a shot like that, she could be useful, Your Highness.

«Screen zooms in on Alteon again.»

Alteon: My daughters will never see the dangers of combat if I can help it. Victoria will understand someday.

«Screen fades.»

«Scene: Derp Hero fighting Derp Beast.»


Graveclaw's targets were being hunted for sport, then slaughtered. Peasants are hardly the most dangerous game…
But he found them much more amusing than warriors who could defend themselves.

«Screen fades.»

«Scene: Hero talking to Alteon again with Victoria mad at bottom of screen moving towards the left.»

Alteon: Shortly after his defeat, our mages realized that continuous battle DECREASED Graveclaw's power.
Alteon: The constant hunting and slaughter bled off the strength he channeled into it.
Alteon: Shattersword Cavern , lying beneath the Forest of Chaos, held him for decades, but no longer.
Alteon: Graveclaw's power has combined with the dark magic of the caves, changing him…
Alteon: And twisting the warriors Gravelyn began sending down to prevent his strength from returning.

«Screen zooms out and Victoria moves to the right of the screen at the top.»

Hero: Where does she get volunteers for THAT duty?

Alteon: She does not say and I have not asked.

«Screen moves to a Beast dancing with Warriors in a disco in a cave.»

Alteon: Graveclaw has grown strong enough to break free from his prison.
Alteon: He's sworn vengeance against all who have kept him chained AND has an army WE sent him.
Alteon: Chaos grows stronger, but Graveclaw threatens us NOW! We need you, Hero, more than ever.

«Scene fades»

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