King Rimescar

Ruler of the Icestorm Arena
Welcome, vanquisher of Tyndarius! I'm glad to see you received my invitation. Do you like what I've done with the place? All the heat of the Firestorm Forge, transformed into ice and snow, and reimagined as a new, frozen Icestorm Arena! Come, pit yourself against the might of my Icewing Raiders, and relive your glorious victory!

…Do we know each other?
No. But we will! I've heard tales of your defeat of the Firestorm General, Tyndarius. A wise rule would want someone like you on his side! That's why I've invited you to join in our first tournament. Speak with Warlord Icewing when you're ready to fight - you DO want to fight, don't you? There will be prizes!

Location: Icestorm Arena

Thanks to Fxmybrute.

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