King Dudley Drakath


The Unlikely but Steady
Please, enjoy yourself at the Cauldron Sisters' Mogloween Gala. I've always been a wallflower, and the term has become literal. Knowing that the dragonlings are free, and that Andrew's spirit is pursuing redemption, fills my heart with a joy I rarely knew in life. Come morning, my linger will be touched by sunlight and pass. It was indeed a pleasure to meet you. Greenguard is blessed with your presence.

There's still some moonlight left. Would you be bothered for a chat?

Oh, don't worry about courtly etiquette. It always frayed my nerves. I am merely Dudley, the former King of Greenguard. Known as The Unlikely because I was the fourth born son, The Coward because I was too lily-livered to penalize commoners for rioting against their Lords, and The Dull for using gold on roads and bridges instead of banquets. Needless to say, I was quite unpopular with my court. A loser in colloquial terms…

Lord Andrew's original pen pal was one of my servants, who unfortunately died in a fire… that he started in my bedroom. Looking back, that must have been an assassination attempt. I felt sad that Andrew's letters would never get a reply, so I wrote back, and we became close friends -so close that he gave up on his revenge, and took his resentment out on the worst of my noble court. Oh, Drew…

The Drakaths no longer rule Greenguard, and that's a relief to me. That throne has caused such misery. I hope the new Queen evades its wretched luck. I wonder if my son and his children are living well. Dethrix hated how I ruled, and saw how incompetent I was. He was the one who poisoned my tea. If I didn't drink it, we would have surely gone to war. I could not stomach the thought, which meant that I was not fit for the throne.

Compiled Letters
Which letter would you like to read?

- Letters

- Alnswick Castle Merge
- King Dudley Drakath's Quest

Location: Castle Alnswick
Note: Replaces Lord Andrew Taylor? after completing the 'Restless Waltz' quest.


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