King Drakonis

Ruler of Astravia
Darkon? Where are you? Please, reach out your hand to me. Old age has taken my sight and most of my hearing. Such ailments can not be soothed by being Alprecha's Beloved. Or, she is disappointed in me. Soon, I will lose my voice. My son, listen well. There are promises our bloodline must keep. Promises that our ancestors and I could not fulfill in our lifetimes. I must leave our wishes and dreams to you, Darkon.

Darkon, you were born when my father was still King. I was anxious about taking the throne. Oftentimes, the son is the lesser version of his father. But, when I saw you cradled in your mother's arms for the first time, you smiled at me. You're gentle, yet excel at the sword and rival court scholars. Your mother and I devoted ourselves to readying the Kingdom for your ascension. It was her last wish, and mine, for you to become King.

We, as the descendants of the Grand Star Alprecha, have a responsibility to her and the lands she blessed. We must secure the present by asserting our power, and secure the future by continuing our bloodline. All to fulfill the promise. That means great sacrifices. I am sure you will miss your music. I will as well. Kings, however, must become something more than their own trifling desires.

Ah, Drago. What is to be done with Drago…Do I love him? What a ridiculous question! He is my son. Though your mother passed away during his birth, I should not hold ill will. The marriage between your mother and I was arranged after Astravia gently annexed her duchy. We grew to love each other over time. Do not worry, Darkon. It will be the same for you. Suki…that dalliance of yours, will become a fond memory.

Location: Astravia Past
Note: Can only be accessed after completing the 'Echoes' quest.

Thanks to Syo.

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