King Drago (NPC)

Alprecha's Beloved
Salute your new King, soldier. Ah, music to my ears. Have your team venture back into the Observatory. I want the monsters cleared and samples harvested before I get to planning my Coronation Feast. Tsk, all these bothersome clerical tasks I have to put up with now that I'm on the throne. Still far better than Darkon throwing away all our power. Oh, I'll just appoint an advisor for the boring work.

They helped me get rid of Darkon and his dogs, but the civilians are going to be an annoyance if they turn on me next. Astravia's technology has made them less reliant on the magic of the Royal Family. Even peasants with no magical ability could pose a threat to me. It's time we pull the plug on that monster-shaped battery beneath the capital. Let's say that we need to hide tech or else Outsiders could easily copy us.

Wasn't a beast supposed to appear? I sacrificed Darkon and that flea-bitten Outsider. There should be one here! Huh, did the first summoning get botched? Argh, even dead, Darkon ruins everything for me. Fine. I'll just have to put the ritual to the test when we start marching West. Under my rule, Astravia's borders will stretch from coast to coast. And I can finally fill the boring corners of the castle with some tasteful art.

- King Drago's Quest
- First Observatory Shop
- To Genesis Garden

Location: First Observatory
Note: Appears on Screen 5 after completing the 'Pisces Ishtar' quest.


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