Kimberly Found


  • Third cutscene button - Asylum

«Hero and Cysero somewhere in Pandinun Insane Asylum»

Hero: Kimberly, we're here to rescue you!

«Scroll to Kimberly, in a metal cage»

Kimberly: Great! Did you bring any snacks?

Hero: Snacks?! No we didn't bring any…

Cysero: I have two kinds of trail mix and a whole roast turkey.

Kimberly: I'll take the turkey.

«Cysero hands Kimberly the turkey»

Hero: Have they done anything to you?

«Kimberly now eating the turkey»

Kimberly: No, but I found out more about them.
Kimberly: Get me out of here and I'll fill you in.

«Scene fades»

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