Kill Them


«Scene: the Titan Dragonlord in the observatory of the Tower of Magic with the mages tied up»

Rayst: we'll NEVER help you!

Titan DragonLord: That's what everyone says. At first.
Titan DragonLord: But we have ways of making you talk.

Reens: Ha, ha! Did you really just say that? That's like the biggest bad guy cliche ever.

Titan DragonLord: Fine. Have it your way.
Titan DragonLord: Kill them.

Blakk: Wait, WHAT??

Reens: He's bluffing. He was literally just telling us how much he needed us.

Titan DragonLord: Don't flatter yourself.
Titan DragonLord: It would be so much faster and easier if you cooperated.
Titan DragonLord: But we have the tower's library under our control. We'll get the answers we need with or without you.

DragonLord: Now I'm confused. Do you want us to kill 'em? Or no?

Titan DragonLord: Yes!!

«Warlic, Galanoth, and the Hero show up»

Hero: No!

Titan DragonLord: You! How did YOU get in here?

Galanoth: Stand down. It's over.

Titan DragonLord: Not just yet.
Titan DragonLord: Titan!

«The room shakes and a dragon appears in the giant hole in the left side of the room»

Hero: Oooohhh, that thing's big.

Titan DragonLord: DragonLords, make sure no one else gets in here.
Titan DragonLord: I'll handle these two myself.

«Scene fades»

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