Kill It! Kill It! Kill It!


«Scene: Xang, Teja, Hero and Drakath on Screen 9 of Laguna Beach»

Drakath: This is it… this is where the Chaos is strongest.

Teja: But there be nothin' and no one here, 'cept

Hero: …this giant, beating heart.

Drakath: What has she done?

«Scene: Drakath kicking the Heart of Chaos with his hand»

Drakath: What did she create this from?? Is it a piece of herself… or has this life formed from Chaos itself?

«Scene: Heart of Chaos attacks Hero and Drakath with it's tentacles»

Drakath: Gah!
Hero: Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!

«Scene: Close up on Xang»

Xang: WITH FIRE!!!!

«Scene fades»

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