After completing the 'Retrieving Recollections' quest:

Little Etherstorm's Tinker
Wh-what? You found my gear? The one Amira used to teeth on? Oh precious memento of my angel! I treasure them all! I keep thinking that if Amira 2.0 - my second generation daughter - handles them, maybe it will help her remember? Silly, to remember a life never lived. But I keep hoping. Now, though…

After completing the 'Spirit of a Dragon' quest:

Master Tinker
Thank you for saving Amira! I want to shower her with as many gifts as possible, as any loving father should. Even though I'm a Master Tinker, I'm going to need your help to forge Amira her presents. If you help me with some errands, I'll award you with Tinker Trinkets that can be used in my Merge Shop!

- Kierk's Quests



Thanks to Syudanco and the magic caster.

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