Khasaanda (NPC)

Oh. It's YOU. I knew you'd be here. I told them, but no one listened. You bring an end to peace, HERO. But perhaps you being here will make them all believe I speak the truth at last. Hah! I am deluded, but they are blind. No one sees what I see. Even my brother sees but half of what I do… and yet… they believe HIM.

What would you know? Do you want to know how you'll defeat your worst enemy and best friend? Or perhaps your worst enemy IS your best friend? Who can tell? I lie, they say, and you shouldn't trust me. Hah. But no, they are right. You shouldn't trust me. I have grown bitter, and will say things just to shock you. You'll never know which are the lies… and which… which is the Truth.

Dreams? Oh yes, I dream. I walk the Land of Dreams and Nightmares; my visions originate there. There is a way for the uninitiated to get there but… you haven't been initiated, have you? No, I didn't think so. The ground is sharp and the sky will scream as the crescent moon spirals into the abyss. And then you will blink, and it will all be different. It does not like intruders, so stay out, and don't try to find your way in.

Ah, my beloved Troll-kin. Yes, they are full of stories about each other… and me.

Bachius demanded I read his future. I did. A path lined with daggers, a knife made of his dreams… the aura around him is hazy and tinged with violet, then crimson, then darkness. I know not what to make of it, but he believes nothing I say, so may he succumb to whatever ill fate awaits him!

Dregas offered to teach me to paint my dreams, and I did. He was full of praise for them, but do you see them diaplayed? No! I… I was sweet for him. But he only looks and talks about Oishii. What is food for the body when my dreams are nourished by the future? I would- I would share with him what I know… but- he doesn’t listen.

- Khasaanda's Quests



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