Daimon Trainer
Your coming was foretold, adventurer. I am Khan, a Daimon. I will not waste your time. Do you wish to know about us or do you wish to move on?

What is a Daimon?
Honing your psychic abilities to the fullest, you have mastered your abilities to where you’re comfortable using them with weaponry while understanding the true path to victory is with working together with your allies.

How to get?
To become a Daimon, you must travel to /baconcat and purchase it from Ziri for Gold or Adventure Coins.

- Baconcat
- Class Shop

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Wizard
Daimons are powerful psychic masters that deal heavy damage to multiple opponents at once. They can greatly empower themselves and allies, greatly weaken enemies, and focus all of their mana into a single aura to enhance their combat abilities temporarily.

Location: Class Hall B


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