Tag Classification Description
acsmall.png AdventureCoin Item This item can purchased with AdventureCoins or for 0 AC and can be stored in bank for free
betasmall.png Beta Item Usable only by players who created an account during AQW's beta testing stage
foundersmall.png Founder Item Usable only by Legends who upgraded within the first month of AQW's general release
legendsmall.png Legend Item Usable only by Legends of AQW
pseudosmall.png Pseudo-Rare This item is only available through a raresmall.png item
ptrsmall.png Public Test Realm This information applies to the Public Test Realm
raresmall.png Rare Item This item is no longer available
seasonalsmall.png Seasonal Item This item returns during an Event seasonally
specialsmall.png Special Offer This item is only available via a special offer
temporarysmall.png Temporary This item will be lost when you log out.
upholdersmall.png Upholder Item Accessible only by people who upgraded between Oct. 2nd and Nov. 2nd (anniversary of AQW's creation)
Armor_Table.png Armor Type Equippable Armor Item
class_table.png Class Type Equippable Class Item
Cloak_Table.png Cloak & Back Item Type Equippable Cloak & Back Item
Helmet_table.png Helmet Type Equippable Helmet Item
house_table.png House Type House in the Housing Equippables
Floor_Table.png Floor Item Type Furniture or Other Items in the Housing Equippables
Wall_Table.png Wall Item Type Wall Item or Other Items in the Housing Equippables
Pet_Table.png Pet Type Equippable Pet Item
Necklace_Table.png Necklace Type Equippable Necklace Item
Sword_Table.png Sword Type Equippable Sword type Weapon
Axe_Table.png Axe Type Equippable Axe type Weapon
Dagger_Table.png Dagger Type Equippable Dagger type Weapon
Gun_Table.png Gun/Bow Type Equippable Gun/Bow type weapon
Mace_Table.png Mace Type Equippable Mace type weapon
Polearm_Table.png Polearm Type Equippable Polearm type weapon
Staff_Table.png Staff Type Equippable Staff type weapon
Wand_Table.png Wand Type Equippable Wand type weapon
misc.png Misc. Type Unequippable Misc. Item
Returns Returning Item Denotes a returning page on the New Releases
Updated Updated Item Denotes updated information on a page on the New Releases
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