Legendary Hero Class Trainer
If you're a Legend amongst Lore… then you're a Legendary Hero! Legendary Heroes stand for all that is good, just, and righteous, protecting the entire world of Lore from Chaos Lords, ferocious beasts, and.. bankruptcy! A special gift to all Legends, it's because of you that the AQWorlds team can continue delivering brand-new releases for you and your friends to enjoy!

How to get?
You can buy Legendary Hero from the Legendary Hero Shop in your Book of Lore, or I can sell it to you here. All Legends will have access to this shop.

- Legendary Hero (Shop) legendsmall.png

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Lucky, Fighter
Legendary Hero is best described as a Tank-based variant of Bard— it supports its allies by provoking a single target, boosting party damage, and debuffing enemy damage and crit chance. In addition to its support capabilities, Legendary Hero is also able to deal damage (and heal itself!) with its final skill - Legacy Crater.

Legacy Crater
Every time you use Starstruck, you'll gain a stack of Legendary (up to 25). The more stacks you have, the more damage Legendary Crater deals. Using it consumes the entire stack, then applies a Heal over Time effect to the user. Notably, the HOT does not scale with the stacks, so you can use it in a pinch to recover your health (though its mana cost is quite high).

Location: Class Hall A


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