Keelhaul Ricky (Cutscene)


«Scene: Hero charges forward, weapon in hand»

Hero: Teja, please — we don't have to fight! I can help you!

«Scene: Teja charges forward»

Teja: Ya already helped enough!
Teja: Tch. Ya be just as arrogant as the Shadowlord said ya were.
Teja: Thinkin' ya can fix all the world's problems, no matter how hopeless it be! But all ya do is make things worse.

«Scene: Hero runs forward»

Hero: There's always hope.

«Scene: Teja runs forward»

Teja: People always be thinkin' that… when they've not yet lost everythin'.
Teja: But ya be understandin' soon enough…

«Teja takes out her green eye»

Teja: And then ya be seein' things my way.

???: Teja?

«Scene: Ricky appears»

Teja: Ricky?
Teja: But… how? Ye'd been turned to monsters… all of ye were.

Keelhaul Ricky: Not all.
Keelhaul Ricky: Th' last thing I remember was turnin' to stone while I watched our crew mutate an' tum on us.

Teja: Ricky… I'm so sorry! I didn't know.

Keelhaul Ricky: Ye miss my point, cap'n.
Keelhaul Ricky: It was yer spell what saved me!
Keelhaul Ricky: If ye hadn't done what ye did, I'd have suffered the same fate as the rest o' them.

Teja: Maybe there really is hope.

Keelhaul Ricky: Aye.
Keelhaul Ricky: An' if ye want that to remain true, then we got an island full o' monsters to clean up.

«Scene fades»

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