Horc Evader Trainer
Human so silly. Think because we big, we no sneaky. But we very sneaky. Come here, squishy man and let Kazz tell you how you too can be very sneaky and also very dangerous.

What is a Horc Evader?
A Horc Evader is someone who has been trained by the Horcs in the art of evasion and showing you their ancient teaching of beast taming so you can have a pet to fight for you.

How to get?
Horc Evader can be obtained at /bloodtusk with rank 10 Horc for Gold OR the Class shop for Adventure Coins.

- Bloodtusk Ravine
- Class Shop

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Thief
Horc Evaders are a battle pet based class that can achieve extreme levels of Dodge with its Smell Fear and Shadow Strike skills. Use Hunter's Call to up the ante as it increases both you and your opponent's Haste.

Location: Class Hall B


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