Kasper Garretts

Retired Mercenary
Hurry! The people of Eridani need you. Help them first, then return here.

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After completing the 'Time Moves the Moon' quest:

Retired Mercenary
You come waltzing out of the castle and expect the citizens to just chat. How do we know that we aren’t going to be torn to pieces on the rack for pointing out the King’s pimples? I may have left Astravia’s army to chase gold, but even when King Drago promised mountains of it for every hired gun he could find, I could not stomach such a thing. This is still my home. And you’re going to have to prove that you mean my home well.

- Kasper Garretts' Quests

After completing the 'Principle of Weakness' quest:

Retired Mercenary
Bad news. A messenger came to me to deliver a letter. This is troubling. I am absolutely sure that they know that I am against the King. If Drago hasn’t figured out that you’ve been associating with the rebels, this message means that his advisor does. Their signature is written on this letter ordering you to bring the head of the invader’s commander to the throne.

- Kasper Garretts' Quests

Location: Astravia

Thanks to irredeemable_insults.

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