Kartos Si Botax


The Legendary Weaponsmith
What have you done? You just helped that crazy old man summon the god of the Underworld itself. Kala Batara, the destroyer. The devourer. Did you WANT to be eaten?

I knew it!
It’s not entirely your fault. You aren't familiar with our legends. But good news, though. The Astromancers warned me of the eclipse months ago, so I’ve come prepared. I’ve got D Black Star’s sunglasses AND an heirloom from Batara Guru to help you defeat Kala.

- Kartos Si Botax's Quests

After completing the 'Kala-mity Time' quest:

The Legendary Weaponsmith
Ki Sama disappeared right after you defeated Kala. And then -- much to my surprise -- a shooting star appeared in the sky, passing right in front of the eclipse, and blinding us with its light.. Once my vision cleared, Kala had unlocked a new form… BATARA KALA! Hurry, he waits for you now, with his minion Ki Sama by his side.

- Kartos Si Botax's Quests
- Kala Merge
- Batara Kala


Note: Appears in Kala (Location) after completing the 'An Honorable Offering' quest.


Thanks to Kartos Si Botax and rruurruu77.

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