Karok Defeated


«Scene: Hero, Syrrus, Laurissa and Thermax trapping Karok in between»

Karok: Pathetic.
Karok: You couldn’t even defeat my brother.
Karok: What makes you think you can defeat me?

Hero: Because I’ve done it before!

«Hero attacks and slashes Karok»

Karok: Time to end this farce.

«Karok summons a spear and it pierces through Thermax»

Thermax: Hmph…

«Thermax falls to his knees»

Thermax: How…pathetic…

«Thermax falls down to the ground»

«A close up on shocked Laurissa»

Laurissa: NO!

«Laurissa gets angry and tries to strike down Karok but Karok smacks her with his hand throwing her backwards»

Karok: It doesn’t matter how many heroes you throw at me.
Karok: You’ll never be able to win.

«Abel appears and punches Karok»
«Karok falls to the ground»

Abel: Then how about someone who’s not a hero?!

Karok: You…!!

«Karok tries to stand up»

Karok: What?!

«Close up on Hero and Syrrus»

Syrrus: <Hero>, there's something wrong with him… GO, NOW!

«Hero runs towards Karok, jumps and slashes their weapon through him»


«Karok disappears in an explosion»

Abel: What…just happend?

Hero: He got away somehow.

«Close up on Syrrus»

Syrrus: It won’t be the last we’ll see of him.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Queen of Monsters standing in her throne room»
«Karok appears right in front of her»

Karok: YOU!! You weakened me somehow…suppressing my powers!
Karok: This was your doing!!

«Queen of Monsters eyes light up and Karok falls down to the ground»

Queen of Monsters: Of course.
Queen of Monsters: You were growing…independent. Weren't you?


Queen of Monsters: Good. You’re learning.
Queen of Monsters: You will defeat <Hero>, in time.
Queen of Monsters: But only when I say so.

«Queen of Monsters lights a red orb up in her hand»

Queen of Monsters: Now off with you.

«Queen aims the orb at Karok and Karok disappears in an explosion»

«Scene fades»

Queen of Monsters: Ah…hope. What a fragile thing.

«Scene: Queen of Monsters looking at Hero and Blizzy through a red ball»

Queen of Monsters: Frostval is the one time of the year where it grows in abundance.
Queen of Monsters: Of course I would want it to flourish.
Queen of Monsters: After all, when true despair comes…
Queen of Monsters: …their fear will be all that much sweeter.
Queen of Monsters: Isn’t that right…

«Scene fades»
«Scene: A close up of Laurissa with Hero and Blizzy in the background»

Queen of Monsters: …Laurissa?

Laurissa: Of course, Your Majesty.

«Laurissa looks at the Hero and Blizzy»

Laurissa: They don't suspect a thing.

«Close up on Syrrus, Hero and Blizzy with Abel in the background»

Blizzy: What will you guys do now?

Hero: I’m probably going to head over to Sierra Umbra.
Hero: Strange things have been happening…and I haven’t heard from them in a while.

Syrrus: I am… perplexed. The stars that were guiding me to the Champion. They… went out. They have been out since… Thermax…

Hero: But that means… Thermax was the Champion!!!

Syrrus: It appears so… If that is the case, a new Champion will be born soon!
Syrrus: If we are going to completely stop the Queen and Karok, I must find them and stop Karok from stealing their power!

Blizzy: Won’t you stay for the Frostval festivities?

Hero: Of course! We wouldn’t miss it for the world!

«Scene moves to Abel staring at 2 swords in a snowpile that once belonged to Thermax»

Abel: I didn't realize…being a hero was so dangerous.

«Syrrus looks at Abel»

Syrrus: Unfortunately, it's a part of life.

Hero: But as long as you’ve got something to fight for…

Syrrus: …and never give up…

Hero: …It’s all worth it.
Hero: I learned that from a hero named Athon.

«Scene: Abel, Syrrus and the Hero standing on Screen 11 of Cryostorm War»

Abel: But you guys were AWESOME out there.
Abel: I hope to be as great of a hero as you someday, @name. And you, Syrrus!
Abel: Will we see each other again?

Hero: We’ll meet again soon. You can be sure of that!

«Scene fades»

Three years ago…

«Scene: Kezeroth standing on top of Quetzal»
«Scene fades»
«Scene: Glace and Kyanos looking at Kezeroth on top of Quetzal through a blue portal-like orb»

Glace: I am so sorry, my fellow Champion.
Glace: The Queen twisted your mind all those years ago - corrupting it and filling it with lies.
Glace: At least now, you can rest in peace.

«Portal disappears»

Kyanos: Do not worry, my child. As we speak, Champion Quetzal’s spirit travels to the Plane of Ice to join us.
Kyanos: As for what’s next… From the vast snowdrifts, a new Champion will rise.
Kyanos: One who will be my instrument of vengeance.

Glace: But, my Lord, Ice is about…

Kyanos: Silence, my daughter.
Kyanos: I have waited over 20,000 years for this moment!
Kyanos: No one messes with my children, my Champions!
Kyanos: This…Queen of Monsters…

«Kyanos turns white and a human-like shadow appears»

Kyanos: …will pay for what she has done.

«Scene fades»

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