Kame (NPC)

Protector of Shinrin Village
You should not be here yet. Return to Shinrin Grove.

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After completing the 'Battle for the Shinrin Do' quest:

Protector of Shinrin Village
If you can beat the legendary Kame, then you're strong enough to fight the Shogun of Shadows. Maybe that means you're strong enough to help me save Greenshell Village! We've always had to fend off the creatures from the lake, but now it's SO MUCH WORSE.

Worse how?
Ever since you humans started fighting, the spirits that live in our forest have become restless and.. and BAD! Terrorizing us! Destroying our homes! Eating our food! They even locked us out of our own village. Help us deal with them! Please?

Don't worry, we'll get them out!
You do that, and I'll make sure you get the Shinrin Do! Promise!

- Kame's Quests

After completing the 'Refill the Barrels' quest:

Protector of Shinrin Village
Our village is now back in business! Thank you so much for your help. You really are the heroes you said you were!

Does that mean we can get the Shinrin Do now?
I DID promise you the Shinrin Do, didn't I? I'd love to hand it over, but… well, you see, it's kept in a locked chest, in a cave, in the lake, guarded by that vicious lake monster I mentioned earlier!

Sigh. Alright, time to fight a lake monster, I guess.
Yeah! That's right! See, I KNEW you'd understand.

- Kame's Quests

After completing the 'Battle for the Shinrin Do' quest:

Protector of Shinrin Village
I believe you and your friend will be the ones to free Yokai from Jaaku's threat. I will be there with you when you do.

- Kame's Quests




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